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Hybrid Business Solutions understands that there is no greater importance in business than being able to understand your numbers. One segment of your valuable data is how people pay and for what. So we created an analytics tool that captures the payment data and translates that into a valuable understanding about your customers and your sales. If item “A” is only purchased by your highest spending customers, you can email a discount on like items directly to them, or having recently recognized that Tuesday evenings have been much busier over the last month, you can offer a coupon with their entrée for a Thursday night discount. How many new customers a week, are they from out of town, are they repeat customers, how are similar businesses in your area comparing on ticket averages. With this insight, you are able to recognize trends and legitimate opportunities that you can seize, in store and with marketing, even tie it to the weekend weather forecast. Take the guesswork out of growing your business, call us today.

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