Are You Ready For EMV?

Ready or not, the liability shift starts October 2015

  • What is EMV? Are you ready for it?
    EMV, stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. It’s a global standard for inter-operation of integrated circuit cards (IC cards or “chip cards”) and IC card capable point of sale (POS) terminals and automated teller machines (ATMs), for authenticating credit and debit card transactions.

  • Small Chip with Big Benefits (include image of a Visa or MC with chip in it)
    A chip card is a plastic payment card with a microchip that is virtually impossible to duplicate.
    International migrations to EMV chip have proven that chip cards help reduce counterfeit fraud. Chip technology heightens security with stronger authentication and reduces the value of stolen data. Chip card account data is less attractive to steal and counterfeit fraud is practically impossible with the stronger authentication methods and unique transaction elements.

  • EMV Liability Shift
    One key component in the EMV discussion is its accompanying liability shift. This liability shift means that issuers and merchants using non-EMV compliant devices that choose to accept transactions made with EMV-compliant cards assume the liability for counterfeit transactions found to be fraudulent. MasterCard defines the liability shift in this manner: The party, either the issuer or merchant, who does not support EMV, assumes liability for counterfeit card transactions.

  • Planning Is Everything
    What are your merchant location EMV chip acceptance needs? What point-of-sale (POS) terminal hardware is required to meet those needs? Do you have to update your software? Which testing efforts are necessary to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of EMV chip deployment? These are just a few of the key questions you need to consider as you plan for the adoption of chip-based technologies at your location(s).

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