Nonprofit Payment Processing

At Hybrid Business Solutions, we understand that being a nonprofit is a tax status, not a life style. Your prospects and donors want your donations to be used more for the services you provide and less for paying fees. That’s why Hybrid Business Solutions has created an unprecedented nonprofit program that dramatically reduces your processing costs and can increase your ability to gain access to new donors. Beyond our processing services, we offer nonprofits discounted rates for web-design for your nonprofit, iPhone app development for gifting and marketing, and the creation of text alerts for gifts, all integrated within your within your current system. Don’t have a system? We can help with that too.
Hybrid Business Solutions has grown from offering only merchant processing into a full-service business solutions provider because of customer demand. We’ve learned, with our customers, exactly what was needed from the ground up. We have since grown to offer many additional necessary components including business funding for those great ideas that need capital right away, point-of-sale systems to make running a business efficient, more accurate and take the guesswork out of the strategic management of that business. To support expanding agency needs we offer online ordering integration as well as the required payment gateway to make that possible. All these products combine to make Hybrid Business Solutions the most cost-effective choice in managing your agencies transaction needs.
Payment Types Supported

  • All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • Debit cards (PIN and PINless)
  • eChecks/ACH (for business and individual payments)
  • Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Paypal
  • Recurring payments

Payment Channels Supported

  • Web
  • Interactive Voice Response (iVR)
  • Over-the-counter
  • Mobile
  • Subscriber payments

Of course, Hybrid Payment Solutions also offers nonprofits

  • Access to full life cycle payment transaction history reporting at your convenience
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • Free Training and set up

We, at Hybrid Business Solutions, understand how important nonprofit organizations are. Our commitment to you is a dramatic reduction in processing costs, while our experts help you find ways to use today’s technology to increase your funding sources. Be it via web, recurring payments, social media integration to increase donor awareness and retention or an iPhone app for your cause, we are here, as partner, to help fulfill your mission.


Hybrid Business Solutions history is steeped in technology and we clearly recognize the critical importance of data security. Hybrid Business Solutions goes above and beyond to protect both your business and customers from ever-present threats. Small businesses in America are at the highest risk world-wide, for data breaches, primarily from China, at the astonishing rate of 5,840 attacks every 45 minutes. The simplest breach can throw a classic small business into bankruptcy nearly over-night. With Hybrid Business Solutions, you can be confident that we will stay ahead of security requirements with all known preventative measures. Maintaining full compliance with all industry security data security and application standards including PCI DSS and PA DSS. We also utilize EMV, NFC and support Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Pay Pal, adding additional layers of security for you and your customers. Not sure if your current processor is fully compliant so you’re protected, call us now and we’ll help you find out.
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