Once Hybrid Payments received the documentation of your re-compliance, we will notify all card issuers on your behalf.

If you have questions when navigating ControlScan, the SAQ, or scheduling your scan, please call ControlScan at 800-825-3301.

Step by Step Guide:

1. Complete a new SAQ after your containment date (the date that malware was removed from your credit card network and anti-malware was installed).

  • Log into ControlScan by visiting www.hybridpayments.com/pci
  • Begin your SAQ by selecting “Click here to start your Questionnaire.” Make sure to complete all sections to complete the SAQ (Introduction, Company Info, Qualification, Questionnaire, and Confirmation).
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2. Once your SAQ is complete, set up a Scan by selecting “Click here to get started.”

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3. Attest to your passing scan by selecting “Click here to attest.” Please note: If your scan results are “Failed,” you must remediate the failed reasons, and repeat this step before moving forward.

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4. Download the SAQ, AOC, and Passing Scan report by clicking the report documents highlighted below.

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5. Print, sign, and scan the AOC report. On page 7, section 3b. Sign the “Signature of Merchant Executive Officer.”

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6. Email all three documents to [email protected] OR fax to 888-846-4953

  • SAQ
  • Signed AOC Report
  • Passing Scan Report

Hybrid PaymentPCI Recompliance